What’s up Cruachan

Saturday 07.10.2017 (The unexpected but planned hike up Ben Cruachan)

Ben Cruachan is home to the Cruachan Dam, a pumped storage hydroelectric power station. The power plant is one of the four plants in the United Kingdom.






Taken off visitcruachan.co.uk

The way a pumped storage hydroelectric power station operates is that water is stored behind a dam in the reservoir, the water in there has gravitational potential energy. At hydroelectric power plants like the one in Cruachan – the energy produced is pumped back into the reservoir when they is a low demand of energy.

What we learnt from the guided tours was that during peak times such as the usual dinner times, weekends and when widely watched shows are on – the National grid request the power plants at Cruachan to pump up voltage. This ofcourse helps a lot with promoting energy conservation.

We weren’t allowed to take photo within the plant either (health and regulations qualms) the video however does enough justice to how incredible the engineering involved is. A nice artsy video of Cruachan Power Station endorsed by Scottish Power during the plants’ 50th celebration in 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VdMYnMarfY
Searching for waterfalls up Ben Cruachan


How I get there

The Train from (Edinburgh) to Glasgow was about 50mins. upon arriving Glasgow Queen Street Train Station we got on the one of four trains heading to Oban. its such an unpopular route, if you do plan on venture out these munros really do check timings. the train journey was about three hours and we got off at the Falls of Cruachan.

Up the Munro ~ besides the light rainfall which lasted about 15mins. Thank you Colin for been a good guide. Worth the view and the wild sheeps 🐑👌


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